4 Reasons Why God Allows Wars and Suffering In The World

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4 Reasons Why God Allows Wars and Suffering In The World

We’re living in a time when a lot of bad things are happening around the world.  We are the witnesses of global climate changes, we are the witnesses of people entering wars.  There are people who don’t have basic things for everyday life such as food and water, and there are people who are insanely rich.  Numerous illnesses are present on the planet, threatening to kill some of us.

For people will believe in God, sometimes it is difficult to understand why He would allow this.  We cannot help but to wonder, whether we are truly blind to see His divine plans.  There are probably numerous reasons why God allows atrocities to take place on earth.  Here are four reasons which I believe could be the case for that.

  1. Show Us How We Can Be Better

Good-betterPerhaps God is trying to show us the way in which we can grow and be better.  For everyone who is at least somewhat spiritual or loving, it is difficult to watch such situations take place.  However, they also mold us into better people.

  1. imagesPuts Us To A Test

These difficult times can certainly be seen as a form of test for the entire human race.  If you can survive these times and be at peace with yourself on your deathbed someday, you will know that you have passed the test God has put before all of us with flying colors.

  1. We Have Been Given The Freedom Of Will, After All

It is not God’s fault for human mistakes and human behavior. After all, humans were given free will.  It is our week spirit and lack of faith, the reason why do we have succumbed to such behavior, and they are the reason why we are here today.  If each and every person on this planet would behave according to the laws of our Dear Lord and according to the messages which He has sent through His only Son, Jesus Christ, the world would have been a much better place.  However, the ego and the Devil test humans.  Some of us have fallen on this test giving in to pleasures and earthly forms of satisfaction.  However, it is not money or abundance of things which will bring your happiness, since true happiness can only be found through God and faith.

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  1. Good vs. Evil

filepicker-0ct5wBdvTcS1LHI1gKW8_good_and_evil_Jesus_vs_devilSometimes it seems as if the world is in a constant battle of good vs. evil.  But you must remember that this battle takes place even within you. God allows this battle because He wants you to work on yourself, to choose good even when you don’t have to, enter stay righteous even when you can go along with the wrong path. God bless you all, and let’s pray for world’s peace!

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